About Us


It was started with the idea of bringing a holistic approach to dog products to give the best solutions that are practical at the same time, while making them super affordable.

We believe that the curated approach to our store, delivers on all levels to be the home of affordable and ahead of trend dog and pet products. Our ultimate goal is to bring you products that make your life simpler, easier, more efficient, and happier with inspiration and promise of quality while enjoying time with your pooch!

We carefully test each product for durability, quality and health, so that our customers can be confident in the quality of our products.

Our products range from the Dancing Fish Toy, The Back Seat Car Cover, Feeding and Water Tools and many more

We constantly pursue the latest and most stylish dog products that we think our customers will love - whether it be for form or function.

Being Australian owned and operated with our warehouses in Sydney and Perth, we are perfectly set up to ship your items quickly, so you don't have to wait. Our products are designed to make each moment – pleasurable, effective and pleasing.
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